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"I have had many people ... thank me for inviting you to present at our meeting last week. Everyone had a great time, and they also learned a lot about themselves and their co-workers. You did a great job and had great energy! Thank you for helping to make our event a success!"

Lisa Landris
Regional Vice President
Woda Real Estate and Management, LLC

"Ted Janusz offered our guests a fun, entertaining and informative session at our annual Expo. His approach kept everybody engaged for three hours! Who knew learning could be so much fun? We'll definitely have Ted back for another show."

Dennis Madden
Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association

"You make your programs interactive and involve the audience. I've heard many presenters. You are one of the best, because you keep it active, with timely topics, audience participation and a fun demeanor."

Susanne Zeppernick
National Sales Manager
Greater Columbus Convention Center

"Very well done. Engaging. Difficult to do these days to keep participants involved on a virtual platform. Ted has a way to keep us all communicating."

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